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  • MCT oil Australia

    I am an Athlete

    You're training hard, whether it's cardio or strength training and you want sustained energy and improved performance. Sound like you?

    For all athletes, we suggest Pro Plus Melrose MCT Oil, which contains C12 (lauric acid) to support ketosis. The longer carbon chain C12, means its metabolised slower in the body than the other MCT’s, adding a more sustained release of energy to keep you physically and mentally active for longer.

    If you're running sprints or doing high intensity workouts, then Pro Rapid Melrose MCT Oil is perfect for you due to the C6 (caproic acid) and the high amounts of C8 (caprylic acid) it contains. The smaller carbon chains mean C6 and C8 convert into ketones almost immediately to burn fat for energy. The result is instant improved endurance for Going Faster.

    Benefits of MCt oil

    I am a Foodie

    There's a foodie in us all. Therefore, you'll be pleased to know that the whole range of Melrose MCT Oils have the same great, natural taste. Their neutral flavour makes it easy to incorporate them into any meal, whether it's in a smoothie, salad dressing or to make a keto coffee.

    Our MCT Oil is extracted from the best parts of the coconut, so you can be sure that it is completely free of palm oil.

    Melrose MCT Oil nutrition

    I want to Focus

    Are you seeking greater mental clarity?

    Melrose MCT Oil can improve mental performance. Both Kick Start and Pro Plus Melrose MCT Oils are ideal for students, researchers, high end professionals, mindfulness practices such as yoga and meditation or anyone needing a brain-boost to improve concentration and focus.

    MCT oil weight loss

    I want Weight Loss

    Melrose MCT Oil increases fat burning and will help you get into ketosis. If you're trying to lose weight, a balanced diet and exercise plan will help. To complement a healthy eating and exercise plan, Melrose MCT Oil Kick Start is ideal to support a ketogenic diet and weight loss.
    Melrose MCT benefit

    I want overall Good Health

    Take your pick!

    If you want a morning Kick Start, rapid energy for Going Faster or if you're looking for sustained energy throughout the day to Go For Longer, then there’s an MCT Oil that is right for you!

    Our MCT range supports the whole body and mind, no matter where you are on your health and wellness journey.